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- Wisconsin Deer Food Plot Seed Sale Day
- Food Plot Success

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- Deer-Man Skirmish at Mud Lake

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triFeatured Article:
Team Work -- Developing Successful QDM Cooperatives
Brian Murphy, Dean Stewart, Dr. Steve Demarais, & Don Bales,
Joe Hamilton, Dr. R. Larry Marchinton, Donald Wood & Dr. Karl Miller

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- 15 Tips for Planting Deer-Hunting Orchards
Crabapples for Deer: How to Pick a Winner
- Hybrid Oak Surprise
- The Buck That Brought Neighbors Together
- Face to Face With a Trespasser
- Kip's Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative
- My Favorite Bucks Aren't My Biggest
- The Most Awesome Food Plot Ever
- How to Frost-Seed Food Plots
- Avoiding Glyphosate Resistance

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  "Our Whitetail Heritage" by Rob Wegner, Deer Historian

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- A Deer-Man Skirmish in Mud Lake, NY, 1857
- Legendary Deer Slayers
- Legendary Deer Camps
- Deer & Deer Hunting, Book 1
- Deer & Deer Hunting, Book 2
- More Deer Hunting Books

Assisting Wisconsin landowners and hunters in their stewardship of the land and wildlife
while advancing the sport of deer hunting.
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