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Wisconsin Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) News & Updates
December 24, 2016

Chronic Wasting Disease: Recommended Practices for Deer Hunters.
spacerPolicy recommendation of Quality Deer Management Association (updated 6-20-16)

CWD White Paper by Dr. James Kroll: Questioning the Validity of Wisconsin CWD Claims
spacerIf you believe recent sensational headlines about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), the whitetailed deer is a doomed species and hunters might as well hang up their guns and bows and start playing golf! . . . read more here.

County Deer Advisory Council - Upcoming Meetings & Events

green Notice of Iowa County Meeting January 19, 2017

green News Release/Agenda - Meeting of Iowa County Deer Advisory Council

Note from Chair Tony Grabski:

Hunters and landowners, IMPORTANT, this survey must be completed prior to the CDAC meeting in your respective county. CDAC meeting attendees will be allowed to comment during the public comment period, but surveys will not be available for completion at the CDAC meetings.

The survey must be completed on line at: https://www.research.net/r/CWD_Response_Plan_Input

Finally, please take your time and read each question carefully before you answer. The questions do not allow much freedom of opinion. I intend to voice my concerns and protest the survey's design and pointed questions. It was not created by the review panel members.

Aldo Leopold


"It is time for us to learn caution and restraint
in our power to eradicate wild things."

-- Aldo Leopold, December 5th, 1944

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