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Deer & Deer Hunting, Book 1: The Serious Hunter's Guide
by Robert Wegner

“First-rate, intelligent and literate! The best book on the subject in many years – has stimulated the sales of the better deer hunting books. As a reference book, Deer & Deer Hunting, Book 1 is excellent, if for no other reason than its bibliography, which indeed caught my eye, as well as for its scholarly essays on Van Dyke, Rue, et. al. There can be no doubt that Rob’s book is the best and most important book published on this subject in many years. Deer hunters who respect their sport and their quarry should thank Dr. Wegner for writing this one. It has nothing to do with the hack work in the mass magazines. Absolutely first rate. The bibliography is extraordinary. A great triumph!”

-- Joe Wilcox, Bookseller, Letter to Stackpole Books, October 20, 1984

“The sub-titled The Serious Hunter’s Guide can describe Wegner’s book for some, but it is also an entertaining, humorous, historical and informative look at deer hunting with gun or bow. Drawing on many years of research, Wegner provides the reader with excellent historical photographs and description of deer hunts ‘the way they were.’ These bits of nostalgia make you long for the good old days when hunters were fewer and the game seemed more plentiful. There is a whole section on acorns and whitetails; if you live in whitetail country, it is a chapter that should not be ignored. Obviously, Wegner is a hunting book collector; you need to start your own collection with his book.”

- - Gun World, December, 1984

“Dr. Wegner has gained unparalleled experience with deer and deer hunting because they are the subjects he focuses on in his job and in his off hours. He has the mind of a scientific researcher and the soul of a deer hunter, a combination that allows few details to escape him. You want to learn more about deer and deer hunting? This book is the place to begin.”

- - Chet Fish, Former Editor, Outdoor Life

“Running the gamut from the foods deer eat to the droppings they pass, this book’s personally recommended for those whose blood stirs at the sight of a November buck."

- - Tom Fegely, Sunday Call-Chronicle, Allentown, Pennsylvania, October 21, 1984

“My name is Raymond Schmidt and I am 15 years old. I must tell you how much I enjoyed your book Deer & Deer Hunting. At first I thought your book would be like all the other deer hunting books I have read; boring, uninformative to the beginning hunter, and no author input on how he feels about the hunt overall. But, you proved me greatly wrong. You provided an informative and factual account of what deer hunting was, is and will be in the years to come. You pointed out that the future will be decided by the individual hunter who respects all the hunting codes and ethics. You also hit upon my own personal feelings about deer hunting and what it should mean to the individual whether he bags his deer or not. All this plus some marvelous photographs made the book in my opinion one of the best ever written on the subject of deer hunting.”

- - Raymond Schmidt, Chester, Virginia

“This book will become a classic in American hunting literature and I compliment everyone involved in the making of this excellent work.”

-- Fred Bear, 1984


“Dr. Wegner has assembled a tremendous amount of data on deer and deer hunting and the ethics of the sport. Read his account and, you will be a better hunter. Live by the precepts stated therein, and you will be a better person.”

- - Leonard Lee Rue III, 1984

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