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Legendary Deer Camps
by Robert Wegner

"This second book in the Deer & Deer Hunting Classics Series rekindles the deer hunting history and the role of deer camps in hunting’s culture. Relive the hunts, joy and trepidation of famous American deer hunters such as William Faulkner, Aldo Leopold and Oliver Hazard Perry. Rare historical paintings and photographs capture the spirit of long-past deer camps. This collective biography represents the best of a great American tradition through deer camp experiences, such as freedom, solitude, camaraderie, rites of initiation, story-telling and venison cuisine.”

-- Publisher Comments





“This is a book for hunters, all of whom are likely to find and take heed of themselves in the narratives of others’ camps, and to see themselves in the shadows and history of old photos, pursuing happiness.”

-- Richard E. McCabe, Editor, Oudoor News Bulletin, July 15, 2002:

“This book is an outstanding collection of writings and nostalgia from our 19th century deer camps, and the history surrounding their colorful occupants. This book brings the reader back to the roots of our deer-hunting heritage. A must read for all who have lost touch with deer hunting and need to reconnect with this time honored tradition. Robert Wegner has truly created a masterpiece with this book. Within his writing he continues to spotlight the white-tailed deer, an animal that has had a profound positive impact on the evolution of America and the American Hunter.”

-- Christian Books – Online.net

A Legendary Masterpiece! Rob Wegner has eloquently transposed, as he has done so often in the past with his Deer & Deer Hunting books 1, 2, 3 trilogy, the very sights and sounds of twelve legendary deer camps of our past. In reality, this is a work that has been in the making for most of Wegner’s adulthood and has shaped who and what he has become as a writer. Wegner has exhaustively brought back to life the true embodiment of the classic American deer slayer in Legendary Deer Camps.”

-- R. G. Bernier, Northwood’s Sporting Journal, March, 2002

“Here we have a classic! Hunters can visit deer camps from the past: Buck Horn Tavern, Au Sable, Whitefish Lake, Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch, Deerfoot Lodge, The Bucks Camp, Leopold’s Shack, Buckshot Inc., Ten Point Deer Camp and more. A great deal of hunting history is packed between the covers of this book. It belongs on your coffee table for quick and easy pickup reading.”

- - Whitetails Unlimited Magazine, Spring, 2003

“The book practically reeks of wood smoke and autumn leaves. Page after page of photographs and illustrations make the book come alive. Wegner is a cultural historian who has captured the essence of the tradition of deer hunting and, perhaps more importantly, the culture of the deer camp. Legendary Deer Camps is an excellent addition to the well-rounded hunter’s library.”

- - Tom Reed, Wyoming Wildlife, May, 2002:

“This wonderful book does full justice both to the enduring allure of the white-tailed deer as a great game animal and to the camaraderie and competition of great deer camps, those peculiar melting pots of November days where town and city sports revealed either how close they still were to the life of the woods or how far they had fallen from grace. Wegner is unashamed to ‘romance the deer camp’ as the heart of the soul, if you’ll pardon a mixed metaphor, of North American big game hunting. Wegner will get you back into the letter and the spirit of deer hunting in American woods.”

-- Christopher Camuto. Gray’s Sporting Journal,
    September/October 2002

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