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Legendary Deerslayers
by Robert Wegner

"Emphasizing adventure, romance, natural history and Americana from a simpler, more romantic era of deer hunting, white-tailed deer historian Rob Wegner presents readers with this dramatic, complimentary volume to Legendary Deer Camps. The next installment in the Deer & Deer Hunting Classics Series, this outstanding collection of writings and nostalgia from our 19th century deer camps, and the history surrounding their colorful occupants, reconnects readers with this time-honored tradition. Luxurious illustrations offer a fascinating mix of classic photography and prints from some of America’s most prominent, influential artists – Winslow Homer, Currier and Ives, and Frederic Remington. The text is authoritative and engaging, profiling a dozen of America’s greatest deer hunters – eleven true-to-life heroes, including John James Audubon, Theodore Van Dyke and Archibald Rutledge – and their fictitious prototype “Natty Bumppo.” A rich blend of sporting art and natural, literary history – Rob Wegner has truly created a masterpiece! ”

-- Publisher Comments




Legendary Deerslayers: A Book To Get Lost In. This book is the perfect gift for the hunter in your life, and this is a promise: It contains more great stories and more hunting tips than any book I’ve read in many years. It will be one that hunters will return to every year as they live the deer hunter’s life.”

- - Dave Richey, The Detroit News, June 30, 2004

“The book is, in most senses, a tour de force. I personally consider it the capstone of Wegner’s literary endeavors. Each chapter stands alone, but collectively they give us a solid feel for the evolution of the sport as seen through the eyes of noteworthy, literate participants. Legendary Deerslayers is a must for the avid deer hunter. By telling us where we have been in the sport, as viewed through the eyes of deerslayers par excellence, it provides a fuller understanding of how we got to where we are today and where we might be going as hunters. Add this book to your shelves or coffee table, and as you do so, I’m sure you will join me in tendering a vote of thanks to Wegner for his stellar efforts in probing, then perpetuating, our rich deer-hunting legacy.”

-- Professor James Casada, Historian

“This excellent new book lends dramatic credence to the whitetail’s role in America’s grand sporting tradition.”

- - Sporting Classics, August, 2004

“Wegner’s Legendary Deerslayers breathes life into legend. Rob Wegner has fittingly captured our deer hunting heroes of the past along with their legendary exploits in this masterful work of art.”

- - Outdoors Magazine, September, 2004

“An outstanding companion volume to Wegner’s Legendary Deer Camps, this book also features an extensive use of photos and art – black and white and color. Sure to be a most welcome addition to any deer hunter’s library.”

- - Pennsylvania Game News, November, 2004:

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