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Our Mission

Uplands is a branch of the Quality Deer Management Association. QDMA is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to promoting sustainable, high quality, white-tailed deer populations, wildlife habitats and ethical hunting experiences through education, research, and management in partnership with hunters, landowners, natural resource professionals, and the public.

It is the mission of the QDMA Uplands to restore our long-standing deer hunting heritage by promoting deer management regulations, which are acceptable to hunters and non-hunters alike. An integral part of deer hunting restoration will involve hunter recruitment and an outreach to the non-hunting landowner. Today's youth are tomorrow's deer hunters and managers and the non-hunting landowner is a significant stake holder in the big picture of deer management. Deer hunting is the only recognized and practical deer population management tool. It's imperative that deer hunting traditions be restored and maintained. The ethical harvest of deer is the cornerstone of all successful deer management programs. The future of whitetails across America lies in the maintenance of the deer hunting culture.

The Uplands CWD - Quality Management Initiative

Uplands believes the presence of the special DNR CWD measures in our region require recognition in our educational and program goals. The following guiding principles support our approach to quality management in the Uplands region:

Uplands promotes deer herd reduction to socially and ecologically acceptable levels that minimize negative impacts of high deer populations while maintaining our deer hunting heritage.

Uplands recognizes that reducing deer populations will help reduce agricultural and forest crop damage, Lyme’s disease, deer vehicle collisions, and the spread of the many diseases that may impact deer.

We believe rapid, accurate and affordable CWD testing must be available to all hunters, and test results should be used by game managers and researchers to monitor changes in CWD prevalence by sex and age and to devise practical, effective disease containment strategies.

We believe natural resources officials and political representatives must acknowledge the role of hunters and landowners by their inclusion in deer management decisions.

We aim to educate and promote hunting to our youth and non-hunting segments of our society. The future of deer hunting in America depends on the cultural acceptance of our sport as a necessary wildlife management tool.


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Assisting Wisconsin landowners and hunters in their stewardship of the land and wildlife
while advancing the sport of deer hunting.
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